Scar management

Scar1Scars can have both a physical and a psychological impact. They cause physical problems like severe itching, tenderness or pain. A wound that crosses a joint or a skin crease may also lead to a scar contracture. Similarly with scars that continue to grow (hypertrophic scars and keloids), they can limit movement and can even be functionally disabling.

At times the psychological aspects can outweigh the physical ones for even the smallest of scars. For some people a scar is a constant reminder of the traumatic event that caused it. This can result in distress, poor self-esteem and difficulties in social situations.

For children and teenagers, scarring can have a major psychological impact. At these ages, there is a need to feel normal or attractive and anything out of the norm can single out the individual. To be different because of scarring may lead to loss of self-confidence and feelings of inferiority.

How is it done?

Scars cannot be removed completely. But with effective treatment and good management, the appearance and side effects of a scar can be improved significantly in most cases. In addition, the likelihood of developing abnormal scars can be reduced effectively if treatment starts shortly after wound closure.

A wide range of options is available for the treatment of abnormal scars. Though the selection of the most appropriate treatment can only be made after a thorough assessment of the scar and the effects that it is having on the patient.

Invasive options include surgery, injected steroids, cryotherapy, laser therapy and dermal abrasion.

Noninvasive options include compression therapy, topical steroids and different topical treatments.

Why is it done?

Any scar can be perceived as a personal problem. Some may learn to accept their scar, but many never forget it. It is widely accepted by psychologists that proactively treating to reduce the visibility of a scar can actually help boost self-esteem.

What should I do before?

Have a clear idea of the areas that you would like to address. Be sure to mention these to your team during your consultation. Try to take advantage of our natural therapy packages to maximise the benefits of your treatment and reduce any unwanted side-effects.

What should I expect after?

This depends on the type of treatment that you have chosen. Further details will be explained during your consultation.

What are possible complications?

This depends on the type of treatment that you have chosen. Further details will be explained during your consultation.

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the type of treatment, and the number of sessions required to achieve the desired outcome. The only accurate way to give you a reasonable estimate is to assess your needs when you visit us.

How much time off work will I need?

Generally most people return to work on the same day or the day after their treatment

I think this is for me. Where to now?

Contact us to arrange a consultation with your team at Luxe Clinic, and begin your journey of transformation.