An individualised package consisting of your choice of natural therapies is offered to you. These packages entitle you to benefits of any combination of the modalities of natural therapy before and after your surgical procedure. Please arrange a consultation to receive the full details of this unique opportunity.



Homoeopathic remedies to enhance the benefits of your treatment and reduce pain, bruising, and swelling

Lymphatic massage to reduce any swelling, improve the effects of liposculpture, and prevent formation of fluid collections

Nutritional supplements to improve wound healing, reduce bruising and swelling, and improve your overall health

Reflexology before and after your treatment to improve your body’s ability to detox any anaesthetic medications and reduce your recovery time


Our services are carried our by a group of dedicated and like-minded therapists who will guide you through your journey of transformation


Natural therapies start two weeks before your surgical procedure, and continue for minimum of two weeks afterwards