This package includes a costume-designed range of natural therapies specifically aimed at optimising your body and mind to be in their best possible shape before the commencement of any surgical procedure. The aim is to ensure that you achieve the best possible result from your chosen treatment, with the quickest healing time and an uncomplicated recovery. Please arrange a consultation to receive the full details as are relevant to your specific requirements.


Homoeopathic remedies to ensure you have the least bruising and swelling after your procedure

Lymphatic massage to ensure your body is relieved of toxins and excess fluid before any procedure

Nutritional supplements to optimise your healing potential, and make your body ready to receive its new shape

Reflexology to activate healing organs and make your mind prepared for receiving the care and attention that it deserves


Our services are carried our by a group of dedicated and like-minded therapists who will guide you through your journey of transformation


Optimally, natural therapies start minimum of two weeks before your surgical procedure. This is tailored to suit the unique needs of your circumstances and your body.